La Pinetina


La Pinetina


Wood Baked Pizza

Large Private Parking

Pool and Lounge Bar

Outdoor Dehor and Privè

location for ceremonies

Elegance, cordiality and nature

The restaurant, recently renovated internally, offers a large internal room with modern furnishings and a large external area, equipped with a Ferrari Trento lounge area and a unique view of the park below. 

Surrounded by Nature

Immersed in the nature of the Pinetina of Appiano Gentile, the restaurant has large internal spaces, an outdoor garden, swimming pool and lounge bar to accommodate up to several hundred people and organize every event down to the smallest detail 

High Quality Products

Over the years, the restaurant has increasingly specialized in seafood dishes,giving a clear direction of intent and concentrating the best expertise to prepare high-quality, elegant and appreciable dishes for all palates

The Restaurant

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A connection with Internazionale Milano F.C.

The proximity to the training center makes the link between Ristorante la Pinetina and Football Club Internazionale Milano very solid. A story we are proud of, carried on with care to consolidate future collaborations


The Location

La Pineta

escape from the chaos of the city and immerse yourself in the tranquility of our pine forest. Equipped with all comforts and a kids playground area

Outdoor Dehor

An outdoor relaxation area to enjoy the clean, fresh air of the pine forest and observe the view (With our special Ferrari Trento Private Area)

The Pool

The pools host several hundred people and are arranged in the center of the park, above which are the two private hydromassage areas

Ferrari Privè

A cozy little area to relax, sip excellent wine and share a good evening with your loved ones

Organize your event with us

Choose La Pinetina Restaurant for your event or ceremony, we have large internal and external spaces available, we will help you organize every detail to ensure that everything is perfect


About us

Monday - Tuesday

12 – 15.00

Thursday - Sunday

12 – 15.00 | 19.30 – 23.30


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